We will bully and intimidate you till we break you.

After recent communication with Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Canada Post management decided to go ahead and sent yet another misleading/bulling message.

From:    DAVIDSON, Bill [[email protected]]

Sent:     March-24-16 4:14 PM

To:          [email protected]

Cc:          SANDERSON, Lorraine


Dear Marek:

Thank you for providing me with copies of your emails to Minister Judy Foote. Our Minister has also forwarded to us a copy of her responses.   I appreciate your continuing concerns about your workplace. Unfortunately, until you return to work or we are able to begin planning a return-to-work date, we are not in a position to provide you with a more definitive response about specific issues. As I mentioned previously, Lorraine Sanderson, Director of Human Resources, will be available to meet with you then to discuss any outstanding concerns that you may have. Should you wish to pursue this opportunity upon your return to work, Lorraine may be reached at 905-214-9536 or via email at [email protected]

We wish you a healthy recovery.


Yours sincerely,

Bill Davidson

Vice-President, Engineering

Canada Post


Email received from the vice president reaffirms that Canada Post management did not comply with the law in the past and does not have any plans do so in the future.To go as far as to issue such ultimatum?

“until you return to work or we are able to begin planning a return-to-work date, we are not in a position to provide you with a more definitive response about specific issues.”

The law is very clear on the employer responsibilities;

124. Every employer shall ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed by the employer         is protected.

125. (1) Without restricting the generality of section 124, every employer shall, in respect of every work place             controlled by the employer and, in respect of every work activity carried out by an employee in a work               place that is not controlled by the employer, to the extent that the employer controls the activity,…

(z.02) respond as soon as possible to reports made by employees under paragraph 126(1)(g);

And so is the Canada Post on their view of the law –

“we are not in a position to provide you with a more definitive response”

We disregarded the law in the past three and a half years, moving forward we don’t plan to change!

Apr.29 2016. Canada Post continues to threat and terrorize the worker.

In the latest attempt to cover up for the reprisal actions taken against me for filling the Safety Hazard Report L.S. – Director, Human Resources for Canada Post confirmed that the work environment is still toxic.

How can an employee feel safe at work when his employer continuously misleads, threaten and interferes with its self established process.

Corporation received my full compliance yet that is not enough. It looks like the mental and financial harm approach towards those who are dare to speak about unsafe conditions is still the corporation goal.


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