“We’re Canadian and we’re here to help.”

Follow up with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Mississauga, Sept. 30 2016


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6


Mr. Trudeau,

I am writing to you today to follow up on my earlier communication from June 20 2016, July 26 2016 and Aug. 22 2016. I have also attempted to get in touch with your office by phone and left as many as 10 voicemail messages but no one ever called back. I brought up to your attention some very serious issues and law violations committed by Canada Post as well as the misleading reply of the minister responsible for Canada Post – Jody Foote.

Mr. Trudeau, in your recent speech to the United Nations you have told the world leaders of nearly 200 countries that “our citizens… want their problems solved, not exploited... 

You have also said;

We’re Canadian and we are here to help”.

Mr. Trudeau, I am the Canadian citizen, I want my problems solved, not exploited by the inappropriate actions of my employer. I humbly request that you extend your help.

Best Regards

Marek Habel

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