Open letter to Canada Post president

Open letter to Canada Post president


Mississauga Oct.21 2015

Deepak Chopra

Canada Post Corporation

President and Chief Executive Officer


Dear Mr. Chopra

I am writing to you for the third time because the issue of reprisal for filing a Safety Hazard Report is still outstanding.

  • Canada Post Corporation has a responsibility under the Canada Labour Code to protect health and safety of every person employed.

Paragraph 124 clearly states that;

Duties of Employers

  1. Every employer shall ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed by the employer is protected.
  • On my part, I have complied with the employee duties under paragraph 126 as it states;

Duties of Employees

  1. (1) While at work, every employee shall

(g) report to the employer any thing or circumstance in a work place that is likely to be hazardous to the health or safety of the employee, or that of the other employees or other persons granted access to the work place by the employer;

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) relieves an employer from any duty imposed on the employer under this Part.

  • Furthermore going back to the paragraph 125 it again states very clearly that employer shall respond as soon as possible to reports made by employees under paragraph 126(1) (g)

Duties of Employers

  1. (1) Without restricting the generality of section 124, every employer shall, in respect of every work place controlled by the employer and, in respect of every work activity carried out by an employee in a work place that is not controlled by the employer, to the extent that the employer controls the activity,

(c) investigate, record and report in the manner and to the authorities as prescribed all accidents, occupational diseases and other hazardous occurrences known to the employer;

(t) ensure that the machinery, equipment and tools used by the employees in the course of their employment meet prescribed health, safety and ergonomic standards and are safe under all conditions of their intended use;

(z.02) respond as soon as possible to reports made by employees under paragraph 126(1)(g);  

  • Canada Post Corporation has clearly demonstrated that they have violated Canada Labour Code before and they are not afraid to do it again.

CPC have violated the paragraph 147 under the code (with the suspension and reprisal action taken against me).

                                  General prohibition re employer

  1. No employer shall dismiss, suspend, lay off or demote an employee, impose a financial or other penalty on an employee, or refuse to pay an employee remuneration in respect of any period that the employee would, but for the exercise of the employee’s rights under this Part, have worked, or take any disciplinary action against or threaten to take any such action against an employee because the employee
  • (a) has testified or is about to testify in a proceeding taken or an inquiry held under this Part;
  • (b) has provided information to a person engaged in the performance of duties under this Part regarding the conditions of work affecting the health or safety of the employee or of any other employee of the employer; or
  • (c) has acted in accordance with this Part or has sought the enforcement of any of the provisions of this Part.


Mr. Chopra I am requesting that Canada Post Corporation comply with the Canada Labour Code effective immediately.


Looking forward to your kind reply

Dedicated Employee

Marek Habel

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