Justin Trudeau commits to look into bullying at Canada Post!

In the latest town hall meeting in Winnipeg Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commits to look into bullying at Canada Post!

“I am sorry to hear that not all workplaces are safe and I’m sorry to hear there are problems at Canada Post and I’ll certainly endeavour to follow up on that.”

Justin Trudeau                                                                                                                                                  Winnipeg Jan. 31 2018

“It is not OK it is never OK to face situation of harassment , intimidation or bullying in any workplace in this country”

Mr. Trudeau we welcome your words with much enthusiasm and full of expectations. We hope now, as you probably beginning to understand how serious the problem is you will render help to the best of your ability in pursuit to end bullying at Canada Post.

Open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


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One thought on “Justin Trudeau commits to look into bullying at Canada Post!

  1. Letter carriers are not the only ones being bullied! Supervisors are used as the face of the harassment when really we are being victimized the same way. Try speaking up for your guys and you become a target, be friendly with your stuff and you are constantly reminded we’re not there to make friends.
    Complaining to upper management is a waste of time. The two witches (trying to be nice here) that run my station are famous for being bullies and they get moved up the ladder for their efforts.

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