Chapter II – Misleading at its best

Every time I received a letter from Canada Post I would take days to read it. They are all full of promise yet always fail to deliver.


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Oct. 9 2013 – I addressed the issue of reprisal with the vice president BB for the first time.

Oct. 17 2013 – RT General Manager Engineering & Maintenance (Ottawa) reply to it on behalf of BB.

He changed the subject from reprisal to “note to Canada Post”. He requested that we discuss the subject over the phone.

Oct. 18 2013 – I agree and RT called me just after 11am.

Oct. 21 2013 – I sent the summary of our conversation and the issue of reprisal that we did not talk about due to Mr. RT time restrictions.

Att. 9 email Mon 21/10/2013 1:20 PM

Nov.6 2013 – I received a letter from HR.

It states that HR received my request for unpaid leave. I never requested such leave. I was on certified medical leave.

Nov. 8 2013 – I sent a reminder to BB.

I have not received any information on the results of the investigation.

Att.10 email  Fri 08/11/2013 11:54 AM

Nov. 11 2013 – Ms. BB replies.

She totally ignores the subject of reprisal and writes like all is good now.

Att.11 Mon 11/11/2013 9:33 AM

Nov. 11 2013 – I reply to Ms. BB.

I request to be presented with Canada Post Corporation position on the reprisal action taken against me. At the same time I offered a guideline to a possible resolution.

Att.12 email Mon 11/11/2013 2:43 PM

Nov. 11 2013 2:47 – Ms. BB responded,

with the usual line; “I will look into the matter”

Nov. 14 2013 – I obtained document which shows that my leave was changed on direct order of the maintenance manager AR.

This was illegal as I never requested nor authorized the manager to act on my behalf. I was deprived of benefits when I needed them the most.

Is there a difference between the manager actions and a definition posted here? I would welcome the explanation.

Att.13 Leave request.

Nov. 18 2013 – In the light of the new evidence of further reprisal I email BB.

Att.14 email Mon 18/11/2013 9:55 AM

Nov. 18 2013 12pm – RT responded for BB –

based on your sustained allegations of reprisal actions against you, we intend to treat this as a possible case of “violence in the workplace”

Am I missing something here?

More than a year has gone by but Canada Post continues to mislead and refuses to investigate the reprisal. If those are only allegations than why is Canada Post so persistent in changing the subject?

Att.15 email Mon 18/11/2013 12:00 PM

Nov. 21 2013 – I email BB with yet another request to present me with Canada Post position on the reprisal action taken against me as well as the remedies that I was seeking.

Att.16 email Thu 21/11/2013 10:36 AM

Dec. 2013- Jan. 2014 I received several emails from different (lower level) officials attempting to put a different spin on the issue of reprisal.


May. 1 2015 I addressed the issue of reprisal with Canada Post president Deepak Chopra.

Att.17 Email Fri 01/05/2015 3:58 PM

May. 19 2015 Ms. B replies with a letter that does not accurately reflect my stated concerns.

Att.18 Tue 19/05/2015 10:06 AM

June 15 2015 – Second letter to the Canada Post president.

In response to Ms. B serious misrepresentation of facts I addressed the president again.

Att.19 email Mon 15/06/2015 9:00 PM

Oct.21 2015 – Third letter to the Canada Post president.

I requested that Canada Post Corporation comply with the Canada Labour Code effective immediately.

Att.20 email Wed 21/10/2015 3:24 PM

Nov.6 2015 – Five is now the official number of Canada Post high level officials (with the president and CEO included) refusing to investigate the wrong doing.

Harassment and reprisal. What harassment, what reprisal?

3 years has gone by since I have addressed the issue of reprisal and the corporation is still refusing to investigate. Corporation continue to mislead and commit breach of trust.

Canada Post present management is in its own league. The league that does not comply with Canada Post Code of Conduct, the league that does not comply with the law in our country.

To be continued…


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