Canada post denies benefits to the disabled child.


It was an early January morning. Weatherman already forecasted the arrival of winter like temperatures the night before. Looking at the thermometer outside confirmed the prognosis, it was chilly -10 Celsius but it wasn’t the weather that sent the chills down my spine later this day. It was the pharmacist words;

your benefits card has been terminated

Now to fill you in, my special needs daughter has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and cannot go anywhere without the EpiPen. Few years back I was a witness to an allergic reaction and because and only because we had the EpiPen ready I administer it under the directions of the 911 operator. Ambulance came later and professionals took over…. Myself, I don’t even want to think what would have happened have I not had the EpiPen handy.

This is not an isolated incident. Time was denied in the past to attend the planed specialist appointment at sick children hospital. I ask myself; can humans act like this?

I am speechless there is no words that can describe what I feel.

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2 thoughts on “Canada post denies benefits to the disabled child.

  1. Doug on said:

    From my experience your manager at CPC could care less about you or your family. Canada Post is well aware of the multitude of complaints and grievances submitted against him, but choose to do little. I have personally written Deepak Chopra to make him aware of the type of behaviour this manager displays. To date no affirmative action has been taken. Do not give up in your fight for decent treatment. As you are aware yours is not an isolated incident. Eventually CPC will be held accountable. In the meantime keep your head up. You have support.

  2. Lisa on said:

    I would think a corporation like Canada Post would have anobligation to allow you to use your time to attend medical appointments for a sick child. Our children are our entire
    world, it’s bad enough they don’t compromise with an
    employee on this but for a conglomerate like CPC to deny health benefits and put an employee’s child at risk is deplorable! It’s seems very clear that their bottom line is more important than the employees that work hard each day to make CPC profitable. Try calling your spouse to advise of an emergency and see how far you get. I experienced their lack of empathy and total disregard and disrespect when I was racing a stroke victim to the hospital and called in to inform my spouse. I was told never to call that line again as it is a Manager’s line, yet no concern was ever shown for the eminent danger that existed. I for one, am proud I DO NOT work for CPC!!!

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