From:                                         Mark []

Sent:                                           November-11-13 2:43 PM

To:                                               ‘B, B’

Subject:                                     RE: Reprisal for filing Health and Safety Hazard report.


Ms. B

Thank you for your replay.

With all due respect, Mr. R T did in fact contact me on Friday Oct. 18 2013 and we discussed some of the issues. Just as you stated in your replay he offered his full support to ensure that I have a smooth transition back to work when I’m able to return. I’m very grateful for that support. At the same time I would like to point out that the reprisal action was not a part of our discussion and the subject remains unanswered. I’ve sent you the summary of that discussion on Mon Oct.21 2013 and clearly stated that we did not touch on some of the issues do to Mr. RT time restrictions.

Ms. B as the VP, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Compliance, I’m requesting that you present me with the Canada Post Corporation position on the reprisal action taken against me.

I did not stop working by choice. I was ordered off work by a medical doctor due to medical condition caused by bulling and reprisal action taken against me for doing my job. As a lead technician for the plant it was one of my most important responsibility to ensure everybody safety. I love my job and I would like to be able to perform to the best of my abilities again when I’m ready to return to work.

As a remedy I see:

  1. That I’ll be reinstated to the position of Postal Systems Electronic Specialist Foreman.

I’ve been acting in that position for almost a year prior to the management change in Jan 2012.

  1. Full payment for lost wages and benefits including pension.
  2. Written apology from Canada Post Corporation.
  3. Written assurance that in the future I’ll be able to bring the safety concerns to the management attention without the fear of reprisal.

Best Regards

Marek Habel